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Language Consultants and Schools

Tatjana has always been very thorough in preparing and delivering lessons to our corporate clients and is experienced in using a wide range of course materials. Additionally, she demonstrates imagination in creating many of her own materials. Feedback received from her students has always been excellent.

Linda Little, Language Coaching Manager, Babel , London


Student Testimonials Face-to-Face Tuition

Studying German for sixteen months with Tatjana has been a delight.  I took private lessons, every fortnight, at Tatjana's home.   I can endorse every comment made in other testimonials - Tatjana is indeed thoroughly professional, versatile, enormously patient and encouraging.  Her good sense of humour helps too!   My lessons with her have been a very real pleasure and I have learned a great deal.  Tatjana's lessons are structured to give the best possible learning experience, yet she is entirely flexible in her approach and use of learning materials.  

Maureen W, Retired, Surrey, England


Student Testimonials Online Tuition

When I started studying with Tatjana in May 2015, I barely remembered the few classes of German I had taken at University twenty years earlier, but wanted to be competent in German before an upcoming move to Austria.  She was a fantastic teacher throughout the process, flexible and open when I introduced new material I had come across or wanted to try different things, structured when I needed it, and always, always encouraging when I would start to doubt whether my goal was achievable.  She helped me through the elementary and intermediate levels and through detailed test preparation for the C1 (advanced level) examination by the ÖSD.  I passed with good marks in May 2017, in large part due to her excellent test preparation, and am now working with her to polish my German at the C2 level.  I have no hesitation to recommend her as a teacher to anyone, and frequently do recommend her to my American and English friends here in Austria!

Sarah Case Lackner, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna


Two things spring to mind about working with Tatjana. Firstly, her use of a wide variety of online tools and printed & online content keep the lesson material novel and interesting for the student. I was initially reluctant to use Skype video, but now fully understand its crucial effectiveness in language learning. Secondly, Tatjana is a very sympathetic tutor, adapting pace, style and content to suit the immediate circumstances. I can now boast a B1 qualification in German, wholly thanks to the effectiveness of Tatjana's approach. Unreservedly recommended.

Gary Moore, Sales Director, Colt Technology, London


Tatjana has helped me a great deal to improve my German in the months we’ve been having lessons. At the beginning I was impressed when she wanted an online interview to find out my level in the language. Since then, she has provided me with many interesting links which have formed the basis of our conversations. Always patient and informative, she knows when to let the student speak and when to correct and explain  mistakes – the mark of a true teacher. She always returns my written work, meticulously corrected, in time for the following lesson. The lessons are so enjoyable, the time seems to fly by. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, whatever their knowledge of German.

Nigel Oliver, Director of Studies, Plataki/Oliver Language School, Crete


Working with Tatjana to develop my skills in the German language is a delight. She has a real attention to detail. Sessions are never dull and it is always a positive experience. Tatjana is unusual in her ability to adapt "formal" learning to meet students expectations. The online platform is proving to be extremely versatile in this respect. That, coupled with Tatjana's desire to optimise the online learning platform, compels me to proclaim her the best kept secret in German language learning.

Andrew Grantham, Research Fellow, University of Brighton, England


I have had German lessons with Tatjana for over two years now and I can highly recommend her. She is always well prepared, has a clear structure to her lessons, is hugely patient and does not mind going over and over things and is prepared to adapt her approach and style to meet your needs. She is professional and yet very friendly and over the last two years I now count her as friend as well as a tutor. If you want to learn German I can not recommend a better way than online lessons with Tatjana.

Natasha M, Manager, Basel, CH


As an A-level student looking for extra help with an upcoming oral exam, Tatjana was an incredible find. Her knowledge of grammar and her unfaltering encouragement to get me to speak the language confidently were invaluable in helping me to achieve the grades I wanted. The online classes are convenient, comfortable and completely student oriented and I would recommend them to anybody!

Sarah R, Student, UK


Online Tuition is a great way of learning German. I was very doubtful about this way of learning a new language as it seemed to me very difficult to have a good and complete class online. However, after a class with Tatjana you find that there is no difference with a "normal" class and that you have all the advantages of online classes (comfort and no time loss). Tatjana has lots of Internet resources which makes the class very dynamic and makes you feel like you were sitting in front of her. In addition, she is a really good teacher, she has adapted very well to my needs and classes are always very entertaining and complete. I feel that with Tatjana my German is improving day by day without much effort!

Sara O, Chemist, Madrid, Spain


I have been trying to study German regularly for the past two years. Because of my irregular work hours I was not able to attend a 'normal' course. I found out about online lessons with a video link and I was lucky enough to get in touch with Tatjana. She is the best private tutor I have ever had (and I've had quite a few). The classes are always interesting and only in German. It really feels as if she is just sitting across the table with her cup of tea, and not thousands of kilometers away. Tatjana is very creative and I am always impressed not only by her knowledge of German, but also by her ability to integrate the many resources available on the internet. If you want to learn German with a private tutor, you will have a hard time to find a better teacher.

Marcelo L, Physician, Montreal


Although I am taking German lessons at a B1 level through a school here in Zürich, I did not feel I was getting enough speaking practice during my classes.  Therefore, I signed up for speaking tutorials with Tatjana using Skype to help supplement my normal class load.  Although our discussions were free-form, I liked that Tatjana provided some structure to these sessions to ensure I still learned appropriate vocabulary and grammar where appropriate.  She also aptly used the Messenger tool in Skype to help keep the discussion moving along and while providing me with written feedback on vocabulary or grammatical items used during our conversations.  This was a wonderful way to brush up on my speaking skills in the comfort of my own home.  I feel this has provided a much beneficial supplement to my regular German classes.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of the Skype concept for language tutoring, but with Tatjana’s use of the tool, the lessons were always full of learning and were definitely a good-use of my time.

Rebecca C, Housewife, Zürich


I have been following a distance learning German course with the Open University. I felt I needed more practice with speaking and pronunciation, and so, have also been having weekly on-line tutorials with Tatjana. Each week, we discuss the themes and grammar points I am covering in the Open University course, and Tatjana adapts each tutorial accordingly. The on-line tutorials have been very beneficial, and Tatjana always has interesting material and exercises. The use of the online classroom and text chat have been very effective and Tatjana has recommended useful websites for further practice. The drawback of learning a language via distance-learning is the lack of opportunity to practise speaking the language. The on-line tutorials with Tatjana have been an effective way of overcoming this problem.

Jill C, Nurse, Buckley, Wales


The standard of the classes is excellent and I especially like the fact that Tatjana speaks German the vast majority of the  time.

Martin L, Accountant, Co. Galway, Ireland


Every Friday I meet Tatjana online for my German conversation hour. While I speak, Tatjana enriches my vocabulary and refreshes my grammar. Our conversations are always very interesting and it is always very pleasant to speak with Tatjana. My German is really coming back! In my opinion, online classes are really an advantage because there is no time lost in travelling and I can remain in the comfort of my own environment.

Anna Maria B, Housewife, Aberdeen, Scotland


My online tuition has been very enjoyable. I look forward to my class each week and it doesn't feel like hard work at all. I would recommend the classes to anyone who wants to learn German as they are very effective and the online format is much more convenient than traditional classes.

Laura M, Chemist, Horsham, England


Student Testimonials Business German

I always looked forward to my German conversation classes with Tatjana. She was friendly, enthusiastic and had a very flexible approach. Tatjana was eager to provide me with information and vocabulary specifically tailored to my interests and areas of work. For example, I was involved with the recognition of qualifications and Tatjana put a lot of effort into finding out about German professional and trade qualifications, the technical terms and details of the different stages of the training process. The lessons improved my fluency and made me feel much more confident when speaking in meetings.

Ute C, Education Policy Adviser, London


I attended a German language course for business purposes where Tatjana was my tutor. It was a great experience, especially due to the interactive method of teaching used by Tatjana. I thoroughly enjoyed it and passed the LCCI* language exam at the end of the course with very good results, especially considering I was a complete beginner. I can recommend Tatjana's classes to anyone who wishes to learn the German language.

Leslie D, Chartered Quantity Surveyor, London

(*London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)