Auf Deutsch

Tailor-made German Tuition


Communicate with Confidence


Auf Deutsch offers customised training solutions for personal and/or professional purposes. All levels are welcome from complete beginners to advanced speakers of German.

Course Formats

  • Class size: one-to-one, two-to-one and small groups
  • Schedule: individual training schedules depending on student preferences - daytime and evening classes, intensive courses. For good progress, a minimum of 1-1.5 hour sessions taught once or twice a week is recommended.
  • Duration: Typically, students book blocks of 10 or 20 sessions at a time. As a guideline, a beginner can complete the first level of competence (A1) as laid down by the CEFRL within a year of study.
  • Venues: For my live-online classes, I use SKYPE and a virtual classroom hosted by eLecta. Alternatively, if you are located in London or the South-East of England, face-to-face tuition can be arranged.

Course Programmes

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This course was designed for a learner who had some prior knowledge of German but had not used the language for a long time. It was their goal to communicate confidently in German with business clients in Austria and Germany.

 Tailor-made Tuition

We all learn in different ways and at different rates and I will strive to match my teaching with your learning style.


Teaching live-online